Work with me

Whether you are an alternative therapist, yoga or mindfulness teacher who has just started your wellbeing business and have no idea where to start or you have been in business for some time but seem to have lost your confidence and passion I can help. 

I have worked for many years as a holistic therapist and a clinic owner I have learn't the importance of aligning my personal values with every business decision I make. This has enabled me to create a wellbeing business  that is authentic and genuine in all it's interactions.

I can help you create a successful practice or class.........

  • Get clarity about who you are in your business and who you are here to work with (identify your ideal clients.)

  • Understand why your values should be at the heart of every decision you make.

  • Learn how to share and market your wellbeing message in a way that speaks to your clients.

  • I will help you to set goals for your wellbeing business and help you achieve the results you need.

  • We will look at your pricing and any money blocks you may have.

  • We will create a brand that is unique to you.

Working with me individually allows you to get to the heart of your wellbeing business - sessions are part personal discovery - part business skills. 

To book your FREE discovery call to find out if I can help you                                   email: