“Create the wellbeing business of your dreams”

What is the Wellbeing Business School Course?


Wellbeing Business School is a 14 section, video course that teaches heart felt marketing strategies to wellbeing business owners who want to build their practices and classes and want to make an impact on the wellbeing of their clients.

Whether you have just qualified in your chosen holistic therapy or have taught yoga for years but are ready to expand. Wellbeing Business School will challenge you to grow and fulfil your wellbeing mission. It is designed to teach you to love and nurture your business to be profitable and work from your heart.

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How does Wellbeing Business School Work?

Once you have signed up for Wellbeing Business School you have access to over 14 sections. Each section consists of videos, worksheets and resources. All the training is online and contained in the Wellbeing Business School members site. Students can view the training videos, exercises resources sheets.

Once you have signed up for Wellbeing Business School you can retake the course for Free every year for the time the course exists.

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Who is the Wellbeing Business School for?

If you want to learn how to market your wellbeing business, set yourself goals, keep your clients returning time and time again and work inline with your values Wellbeing Business School is for you. Our ideal students fall into two categorise:


Newly qualified and eager to get started.

Whether you want to open a yoga studio teach a meditation class or run a reiki practice. Wellbeing Business School will help you to get started in the right way.


Been practicing and teaching for some time.

If you are ready to grow your massage practice, or are a reflexologist who wants to attract more of your ideal clients. Wellbeing Business School will teach you how to increase your profits and turn your existing clients into your biggest fans.

Get clarity about who you are in your wellbeing business and who you are here to work with.

Understand why your values should be at the heart of every decisions you make.

Learn how to share your wellbeing message in a way that speaks to your clients.

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