I am on a mission to teach holistic therapists, yoga & mindfulness teachers the steps they need to take to create a profitable business, using heart led marketing strategies. By aligning passion and purpose we can share and sell with ease.

Wellbeing Business School resources are designed to help you create a heartfelt wellbeing business. I want you to have as much love and passion for running your business as you do for working with your clients.

"I believe that the best way to create a heartfelt wellbeing business is to look inward - by discovering who we are and how we want our business to look we can create a wellbeing business that makes a positive change in the lives of our clients" Helen Pinnock

Wellbeing business club is a growing international community of holistic therapists - yoga - mindfulness and wellbeing teachers with one goal in mind to create profitable sustainable businesses that hold the client at the heart of every business decision. The wellbeing business club is on a mission to help wellbeing entrepreneurs fill their practices and classes.