Iโ€™m Helen, I am a heart centred wellbeing coach - mentor - teacher (name it what you will) here to help you create a wellbeing business you love; whether you are a holistic therapist, yoga or mindfulness teacher who is just starting out or have been practicing for years I have got your back. Whatever your budget or your learning style I have something for you - coaching - card deck - book - video course (coming soon) or my private Facebook group.

"I believe that the best way to create a heartfelt wellbeing business is to look inward - by discovering who we are and how we want our business to look we can create a wellbeing business that makes a positive change in the lives of our clients" Helen Pinnock

My Wellbeing business club is a growing community of holistic therapists - yoga - mindfulness and wellbeing teachers with one goal in mind to create profitable sustainable businesses that hold the client at the heart of every business decision.

Pop on over to Facebook and join my private Facebook group - Helenโ€™s Wellbeing Business Club  here you will find lot's of support from like minded wellbeing businesses as well as training video's and business tips from me. 

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From Client to Clinic owner is a guide for holistic therapists and wellbeing teachers, showing you how
to create a heartfelt business from the inside out. 
Part personal journey, part business manual, this book shares the importance of knowing what our personal values are and how they help us to create an authentic, purpose driven wellbeing business. 

  • Get clarity about who you are in your business and who you are here to work with.

  • Understand why your values should be at the heart of every decision you make.

  • Learn how to share your wellbeing message in a way that speaks to your clients...

Explain in words what this book has been for me is not possible. If you have a mission a passion, you will feel so inspired and empowered to go ahead with your idea and unleash your passions sharing them with your clients. The book is really practical and step by step will guide you towards your business goal. Absolutely amazing. It worths every penny actually even more if you think what you will realise once you know how to do it.
When Helen suggested to write about my inner values I felt so alive and an incredible energy. That is the energy that will drive you to create and make your business becoming successful. Thank you again Helen Pinnock for being such an inspiration with your book โ€œFrom client to clinic ownerโ€. If you have not read it yet, I strongly suggest it. Read and re-read also every time you feel lost.
— Valentina Paonessa (Yoga Teacher)