How to create your wellbeing business from the inside out

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From Client to Clinic Owner : Create your wellbeing business from the inside out

If you are an holistic therapist, counsellor, yoga or mindfulness teacher who has a passion for what you do but are struggling to fill your practice or class, this book will provide you with an honest, practical advice that will enable you to follow your heart and bring your healing skills to life.

Helen started out as a reflexologist after having her first child – she knows what it is like to be an alternative health practitioner filled with a passion to treat as many people as possible...but she also knows the challenges of running a wellbeing business the fear, sense of overwhelm the money blocks. Based on her personal experiences she shares valuable insights and practical powerful exercises to help you create your wellbeing business:

-       Get clarity about your business vision and who your ideal clients are

-      By understanding who your clients are, you can create authentic connections

-       Create a brand in line with your values and build a community of clients who love you

-       Create goals, manage your time and keep moving forward

-       Understand how to price your practice or class and why it matters

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