Are there parts of your wellbeing business you don't like doing?

Three questions you should ask before you buy in services  

Ok, so not many of us get super excited at the thought of filling in a tax return or maybe you find keeping up with all of those social media accounts that everyone tells you are vital to your success massively overwhelming. 

Do you want to hide in your shell at the very thought of some of the business jobs you need to do?

At this point it is tempting to rush out and pay someone else to do all those jobs we don't like.

Subcontracting work can have huge advantages for your business, however, get it wrong and it can cost you a whole heap of money for very little return. 

So, before you hand over the work to someone else ask yourself...

Three important questions:

  • Is it going to save you time and free you up to get creative in other areas of your business?
  • What are your expectations of the company or individual you are handing the business over to, what happens if they are not met?
  • Would you enjoy this area of your business more if you had some appropriate training? 

Ok, I am going to add another question in here it is perhaps the most important of all.
Does the person who you are employing get YOU, your personality, your voice the unique little things that make your business stand out amongst the others? 

If the answer is yes to these questions then hire away and grow your business.  


Are you fully in touch with who you are in your business, please like and share in the comments below.

Thank you for sharing in advance.


P.S. You have a business dream and my job is to help you achieve them. 

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