You are struggling to fill your workshop, class or practice. Here is what to do about it.

You are struggling to fill your workshop, class or practice. Here is what to do about it.

Have you ever had an amazing idea that you know will benefit your clients? Whether it is to run a workshop start a new yoga class or add a new day into your practice and there is nothing more disheartening when you don’t get as many sign ups as you expected or not as many people turn up to your new yoga class. It can be tempting to think that it was a bad idea that we got it wrong or that there is just too much competition.

Is a scarcity and comparison mindset killing your wellbeing business?

So many of my clients believe that there is not enough business to go around. I often hear the words there are just too many yoga teachers or holistic therapists I can not compete with them all.

When I first started as a reflexologist in 2001 I also believed this to be true. I complained to my business coach about their not being enough clients to go around, he sat me down and asked me if I knew how many reflexologists there are within a 5-mile radius of my reflexology practice. My response was NO! But I know there are too many and it is just not fair.

Will your wellbeing business make enough money to be your full-time gig?

Is fear ruining your wellbeing business? 

You are working with your passion -  you are being of service to your clients. But are you making money as a yoga teacher or massage therapist? In the end if you are not making the money that you need to live or support your family; then you cannot serve as many people as you are meant to or you may even need to stop all together and get a full-time job.

Start with your WHY!

Where to start

So, you are ready and excited to start your wellbeing business what is the first thing that you do – maybe you register a domain name, set up a Facebook page decide to design a logo, find a place to practice from, all of these tactical tasks are exciting and make you feel as though you are creating your wellbeing business.

However, in my experience very few people take the time to deeply reflect about their Why the reason they decided to become a yoga teacher or holistic therapist or what they want to achieve.