Start with your WHY!

Start with your WHY!

Where to start

So, you are ready and excited to start your wellbeing business what is the first thing that you do – maybe you register a domain name, set up a Facebook page decide to design a logo, find a place to practice from, all of these tactical tasks are exciting and make you feel as though you are creating your wellbeing business.

However, in my experience very few people take the time to deeply reflect about their Why the reason they decided to become a yoga teacher or holistic therapist or what they want to achieve.

I start my coaching sessions by asking my clients a number of questions. What do you want to achieve with your wellbeing business? What vision do you have for the future and who do you want to work with? 

Most of my clients reply with in vague terms I often hear therapists and teachers say such things as “I want to help as many people as possible” or “I want to help people who are struggling with stress”. Whilst neither of these statements are untrue they are very vague and don’t really help your clients or you to really get to the heart of who you are in your business or your reasons for working in your chosen practice.  

In my mind taking time to reflect on your wellbeing purpose and vision is vital to the success of your business and should come before starting on the important tactical stuff. Without doing this first step it is very easy to waste time and money casting around hoping that clients come your way. This is why I named my book From Client to Clinic owner – create your wellbeing business from the inside out. I really believe we have to go inside of ourselves to work out how to tell our stories in a way that works for you and your clients.

Doing this deep work is not easy it takes time and can seem annoyingly frustrating when you are struggling to find clients. You may be thinking to yourself surely it is more important to learn how to use social media or the best way to write an advert for a local paper or put together a website.

Whilst these tactical strategical tasks are important having a deep understanding of you purpose allows you to create a wellbeing business that you believe in. A business that inspires and motivates your clients to make change in their lives.

If you want to investigate how your purpose and your wellbeing business work check out my book. From Client to Clinic Owner - How to create your wellbeing business from the inside out.