Your wellbeing business dreams are U shaped

How an £80,000 business contract saved my wellbeing business.

Not many people know that 15 years ago, I nearly lost my wellbeing business. I just didn’t have enough clients coming through the door. It was a difficult time; I doubted, I questioned, I feared I wasn’t good enough, but then everything began to change! Even in the midst of all the fear I knew that my business idea was a good one, I just didn’t know how to make it a reality. I was spending too much money on the wrong things, I was scared of my staff I held the misguided belief that they should know what I was thinking without me voicing it, I didn’t give them enough direction and if I am honest I was scared they would not like me if I told them what to do.

However, I soon realised that if I didn’t change there would be no wellbeing business no dream and no jobs. So, I got specific about what I wanted, I realised that my staff needed direction and that was my responsibility. I worked out who my ideal clients were and stopped spending money in the wrong places.

Now don’t get me wrong these realisations didn’t change the state of the business over night in fact I was a hairs breath from closing. On the very day that I was going to call it a day the universe provided a business contract worth £80,000 came my way.

Where am I going with this story! The point is that running a wellbeing business whether you are a holistic therapist or a yoga teacher is not a straight A to B path there are challenges along the way. I often think of business as a U shape.

Your Wellbeing Business dreams are U shaped!

What do I mean by this? If you think of your wellbeing business path as though it is shaped like a U at some point you are going to be at the bottom of the U and feel as though you can’t see a way out. At other times, you will be at the top and can see straight to the end goal. The U shape is something we all experience, it might be at the start of your business journey or the beginning of your new project. 

The U shape is not to be feared it helps us to learn and grow it is how we deal with these setbacks that defines our success.

As your wellbeing business grows you don’t experience the U’s in the same way, you begin to recognise them and look at what they are showing you.
Long lasting success comes in layers and through experiences. It takes time.

Thank you for reading

Helen x

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