Why your wellbeing business is like the bread isle at your local supermarket.

Why your wellbeing business is like the bread isle in your local super market.

If you are worried that there are too many holistic therapists or yoga teachers in your local and not enough clients. I want you to imagine your wellbeing business is like the bread isle in your local super market. 

What........ I hear you say. 

Will your wellbeing business make enough money to be your full-time gig?

Is fear ruining your wellbeing business? 

You are working with your passion -  you are being of service to your clients. But are you making money as a yoga teacher or massage therapist? In the end if you are not making the money that you need to live or support your family; then you cannot serve as many people as you are meant to or you may even need to stop all together and get a full-time job.

Your wellbeing business dreams are U shaped

How an £80,000 business contract saved my wellbeing business.

Not many people know that 15 years ago, I nearly lost my wellbeing business. I just didn’t have enough clients coming through the door. It was a difficult time; I doubted, I questioned, I feared I wasn’t good enough, but then everything began to change! Even in the midst of all the fear I knew that my business idea was a good one, I just didn’t know how to make it a reality. I was spending too much money on the wrong things, I was scared of my staff I held the misguided belief that they should know what I was thinking without me voicing it, I didn’t give them enough direction and if I am honest I was scared they would not like me if I told them what to do.

How to use loyalty cards to market your wellbeing business.

Loyalty cards as a marketing tool! I am a huge fan of loyalty cards over discounts but there are many things to consider before putting one in place it is very easy to get it wrong and end up losing money. Watch my video to learn what you need to know. 
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