How to answer the question - what do you do?

How to answer the question what do you do?

I remember the first time someone asked me, What do you do?  I was at my first networking event  I turned bright pink looked at my feet and muttered. "I'm a reflexologist" in an embarrassed little voice. 

You need to authentically learn to talk about what you do

Yes it is a big challenge -  describing your therapy , class or product in a way that makes people want to book an appointment with you. You may have heard of the expression ‘an elevator pitch’ - this is the idea that you describe what you do in the amount of time it takes to ride an elevator.

So, how do you do this? We all want to know how something can benefit us.

Check out the difference in the two phrases bellow.

  1. I am a __________ (reflexologist/yoga teacher/counsellor). Yes, this gives people your job title, but it doesn’t necessarily explain what you do, especially to someone who doesn’t really know what a reflexologist/yoga teacher/counsellor is.

Instead, how about saying:

        2.“I help people manage their stress levels” 

Now this phrase is a conversation opener.

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Loving yourself when it all goes wrong

Loving yourself.png

As a therapist or wellbeing teacher you are an expert in offering loving kindness to your clients. In a therapy session or class, you will think nothing of offering clients compassion and empathy, you understand the need to be fully present with them, so they feel seen and heard. You know that kindness is a necessary step to true healing.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that your kindness is your super power.

But do you offer yourself such kindness and compassion to yourself when it comes to how you run or work within your own wellbeing business? Do you berate yourself when you make a mistake, worrying that you are not working hard enough  or obsessing over other therapists or teachers that appear to have it all? 

Then to top it off you feel guilty for having these feelings; heck you are supposed to be an expert at loving kindness - you teach others how to do it!

Before you go into a complete meltdown around this idea let me bring you back to earth, you are after all only human and guess what - we all experience those feelings, especially when business is a little hard and not going the way we would expect.

I could at this point write a lot of examples about how you can be kind to yourself, but let’s be honest you already know how to do this. But do you actually remember to do this when the going gets tough? Do you go inside and remember to practice compassion for yourself even when you have messed up big time or you are feeling overwhelming jealousy towards another wellbeing practitioner?

If you can find a little compassion within yourself at these times you are on the way to creating a wellbeing business in line with your own beliefs and values. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take responsibility for the fact that you screwed up or that you don’t need to look at why you are feeling jealous…

In the early days of owning the wellbeing Clinic there were plenty of times that I messed up big time; when I look back now I realise I was really hard on myself, constantly worrying that people wouldn’t like me or that I had not worked hard enough to bring enough clients in. I made life very stressful for myself physically and emotionally – it felt as though there was so much at stake and it was all my responsibility. Fast forward several years and after a lot of personal development I have learnt that by working from a place of compassion and sense of self, you get to move forward with mindfulness and kindness that can only be good for yourself and your clients.

If you know someone who needs to show themselves a little compassion pass it on. 

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With Loving Kindness 

Helen Pinnock xxx

Are you on the right path working in wellbeing?

By making the decision to work in wellbeing, whether as a therapist, yoga or mindfulness teacher, you have chosen a path of service and purpose, you are helping people make changes in their lives emotionally and physically.

What can be better then that?......... 

Working with your life's purpose gives you that feeling of joy and freedom, you are making positive changes to someone's life. I am not talking about a fleeting sense of joy but deep inner sense of knowing this is what you are here to do.