You are struggling to fill your workshop, class or practice. Here is what to do about it.

Learn the 4 strategies I use when all else fails

Have you ever had an amazing idea that you know will benefit your clients? Whether it is to run a workshop start a new yoga class or add a new day into your practice and there is nothing more disheartening when you don’t get as many sign ups as you expected or not as many people turn up to your new yoga class. It can be tempting to think that it was a bad idea that we got it wrong or that there is just too much competition.

Now let me stop you right there just because something does not work the first time you tried it does not mean it is not a good idea. There has been many a time in my wellbeing career where this has happened to me.

In fact, I am in the process of one right now let me tell you my story around this, at the moment I am working on building my e-mail list ready for my wellbeing business course launch in March 2020. This involves me providing valuable content that is useful to holistic therapists, yoga and meditation teachers like yourself as well as advertising to my ideal client group.  Whilst a lot of what I am doing is working really well my Facebook advertising is not doing as well as I had hoped or expected and each sign up is costing me too much money which is frustrating.

So, I went to look at the stats for each of my Facebook adverts it turns out I am getting a lot of people clicking through to have a look on my website but then not signing up. At this point it can be tempting to allow my though process to go something like this. Oh well there is just too much competition, people are sick of supposed Free offers, my websites not interesting enough, I am not good enough. We have all been there with some if not all of these thoughts.

I however, have been in businesses long enough to know that these are just thoughts and that there are thousands of holistic therapists, mindfulness and yoga teachers out there that will benefit from not only my paid course but also my Free Content which I have worked hard on to make useful and valuable.

When situations like this arise, I turn to a strategy I have used successfully over the years.

I stand back and ask myself some questions.

  1.      Have I really done the best that I can do for my clients is the content that I have provided good enough? If the answer is yes, I go onto the next question.

  2.      Am I providing the content that my ideal clients want to see in a way that is useful to them? (Always look at your idea whatever it is through your ideal client’s eyes and your own. Would you buy your workshop or sign up for your own e-mail based on your advert or your Facebook post) Trust me when I say this can be a very enlightening process there has been many a time I have gone back to look at my marketing and had a lightbulb moment about the way I have presented a class a practice or even my advert.

  3.      Do your research ask your friends, your existing clients or even better come into my Facebook group this is a space of likeminded wellbeing entrepreneurs they will provide you with valuable feedback.

  4.     Then try again most people do not get it right the first time your wellbeing business is a working progress.

This brings me back to my Facebook adverts I have used my 4-point strategy and realised it is time to try a different offering. I asked myself the question would I download my Free training the answer was probably not. I am very busy and unless I was already aware of the trainer I would have no idea whether the training is any good or not and I don’t want to waste my valuable time to find out. I then asked wellbeing friends who I could trust to give me their thoughts and they confirmed what I was thinking.

Watch this space for my new offering coming soon.

So, if you are struggling with the idea that something you have worked hard on is not working before you consign it to the bin or even worse decide you are not good enough. Use this strategy and ask yourself am I really looking at this through the eyes of my ideal client group, the people I know I am here to serve and do good work with.

If this is something you have struggled with send me your thoughts around this subject or share this blog post it may just help another holist therapist or yoga teacher.

If you want to take a listen to my FREE audio training before I change it click through and send me your thoughts.

Helen xx