What a climb up a mountain taught me about my limiting beliefs and goal setting

3 questions you should ask yourself when setting goals for your wellbeing business

It is a beautiful day in the lake district we are about to set off walking up a mountain I am not going to lie I was a little intimidated when my husband pointed it out the path we were taking it looked very steep. Although in my experience, it is best not to over think these things. So, off we go straight up and up and up again it was steep very steep I was motivated to keep going for the stunning views. There were parts of that climb where I was very slow; I was even driven to eating a chocolate biscuit. You might laugh but I don’t as a rule eat sugar so a chocolate biscuit was quite a big deal for me .  (Whatever it took to get to the top)


Eventually we got to the top I look at my smart watch and calculate we have gone 3 miles straight up. This was a huge personal achievement for me I am not the fittest person in the world and I have back pain issues. I was super proud of myself.


As I sat looking at the absolutely stunning views I got to thinking about how we set goals for ourselves in our wellbeing businesses. If I had known how hard that climb to the top of the mountain was going to be I would never have done it. My monkey mind would have told me all sorts of limiting beliefs such as I was not fit enough, it would cause me to much pain, I wouldn’t enjoy it so why bother.


The point of me telling you this story is that yes! Your goals are important to your wellbeing business but only if they are mindful. You need to check in with yourself from time to time are they doing the job you need them to do, are they motivating you to keep moving forward or are they in fact paralysing you into perfectionism and fear. Now I am not telling you here how you should set goals there is no right or a wrong way to set goals that work for everyone. However, ask yourself these questions when you do set your wellbeing business goals.


1.     Does this wellbeing business goal make me feel like I am moving forwards, making progress?

2.     Does this goal light my internal fire do I feel excited?

3.     Do I feel excited about working towards this goal even though it may be hard work?


If your internal responses are positive and you can feel that these goals will work for you and your wellbeing business then keep going.

We don’t always need to know exactly what the journey looks like as we move towards our goals. Sometimes all we need to do it put one foot in front of the other and feel our way forwards. A little like me walking up a very steep mountain.

As always thank you so much for reading what I write.

Helen x

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