Are you seen and heard? Self-employment can be lonely


We need to make sure all our clients feel seen and heard! This is one of my favourite mantras I spout it all the time at the Wellbeing Clinic. For all of us who work in the world of wellbeing whether you are a holistic therapist or a yoga teacher a large part of your work is making sure your clients feel seen and heard.

How do you do this?  You listen! A deep healing occurs when a person feels listened to I am talking about in the moment – fully present – intentional listening. We don’t even need to always give our clients a solution to what they want to say; often the very act of being listened to is enough for them to feel validated and cared for.

“Listening is giving the other person the experience of being heard” Bix Bickson

So, who is listening to you? Self-employment can be lonely it is very different from working with colleagues there is no casual chat around the water cooler, no brainstorming with your team. Self-employment can at times feel isolating and then to top it off often those closest to you family and friends don’t always get it they don’t understand why you would choose to leave a well-paid job with paid holidays to teach Yoga or train as a reflexologist. It’s ok they don’t have to get it otherwise everyone would be doing it.

However, you do need people who listen to you – see you and the amazing journey of self-discovery you are on. I talk about the importance of finding small business friends people who just get it – people who can listen to you. I talk about this in chapter 13 of my book it is so important to take the time to find your business tribe. They don’t have to be in the same industry as you they just need to understand the unique journey that is self-employment.

If you are up for it I would like your help to spread the word about my book - From Client to Clinic Owner - How to create your wellbeing business from the inside out.

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