Is a scarcity and comparison mindset killing your wellbeing business?

Is a scarcity and comparison mindset killing your wellbeing business?

Is a scarcity mind-set ruining your wellbeing business?

So many of my clients believe that there is not enough business to go around. I often hear the words there are just too many yoga teachers or holistic therapists I can’t compete with them all.

When I first started as a reflexologist in 2001 I also believed this to be true. I complained to my business coach about this he sat me down and asked me if I knew how many reflexologists there are within a 5-mile radius of my reflexology practice. My response was NO! But I know there are too many and it is just not fair.

He challenged me to find out about my competition; I did my research and was horrified to realise there were even more reflexologists working in the area than I thought. How on earth was I supposed to compete with this.

This was where things got serious he sat me down and gave me two choices, you can quit if you believe that there is a limited amount of people who need help with their health or you can find those clients that you are supposed to be working with and ensure you talk to them.  

This was a turning point for me I had no intention of stopping I loved being a reflexologist it was time to stop comparing and worrying about everyone else and workout who I was meant to be working with; who I was best placed to serve. For me that meant working with fertility issues this was a subject I was hugely passionate about at the time. Within a few months my practice was full.

Comparing yourself to other people kills your creativity and your happiness. Comparisons are nothing new however, these days all we have to do is open our phones a quick browse of your social media feed is all you need to fall into this belief especially if you are feeling a little down. It can lead you to feel that you are not unique and everything you do is just the same as everyone else.

 Nothing good ever comes of comparing our wellbeing business to others. (tweetable)

 When I feel myself fall down the comparison rabbit hole I stop scrolling social media and remind myself what I have accomplished over my career none of it came my way by comparing myself with other people.  f you are up for it I would like your help to spread the word about my book - From Client to Clinic Owner - How to create your wellbeing business from the inside out.

Thank you for reading

Helen xx


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