How to write your About Me page.

How to write your About Me page for your wellbeing business website.

Your potential clients are on this page to seek a deeper level of engagement with you.

What do I mean by this?

The About Me page is the website page to answer your potential clients questions and concerns. As potential clients before we make the final decision to book a holistic therapy appointment or attend a yoga or meditation class we want to know that we are going to be understood; that the therapist or teacher is going to be able to meet our needs.

So, how as therapists and teachers do we do this? We share a little of our own wellbeing story; describing how and why we came to train in our particular holistic therapy - meditation or yoga teaching. By doing this you will go a long way to answering potential clients questions.

Let me give you an example: Imagine you are looking for a hypnotherapist to help you with a fear of flying. You look on a hypnotherapists About Me page that you like the look of you read that this particular therapist decided to train as a hypnotherapist because hypnotherapy had helped them overcome a crippling fear of flying.

This particular therapist has answered one of you questions. By telling you that they themselves were scared to fly they have demonstrated to you that they understand your fear and vulnerability around this particular issue as well as your desire to change it.

We all want to buy therapy services from people we like and trust; people who inspire us to change or act. 

Where to start: Write a list of potential questions and concerns your ideal clients might have. Then once you have written your story ask yourself have I answered these questions and concerns.

What to include on your About Me page 
💥Hi my name is...............
💥Tell us why you were inspired to train. 
💥Tell us a little about your past experience it doesn't have to all be in wellbeing.
💥Tell us what you believe. 
💥Tell us your qualifications - put them at the end of the not at the beginning.

Yes! writing about yourself can be a challenge and can trigger all our vulnerabilities, after all we are taught to not "brag" or shine the spotlight on ourselves from an early age. It may be helpful to imagine you are having a conversation with a friend who is asking you why you decided to become a holistic therapist.

What one insight have you taken from reading this? What action can you take on your About Me page to help potential clients use you? Share your thoughts in the comments section they might just help another therapist to tell their story.

Thank you so much for reading, and sharing you are helping our wellbeing community to grow and thrive.

Your! wellbeing story is waiting to be told you are changing lives.

It is all a journey, keep moving forward.

Helen x

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