3 ways to build your confidence and create a successful wellbeing business

Confidence - Helen Pinnock


Do you need confidence in your wellbeing business?

Yes, your clients need to see a little of the real you, they need the best advice you can offer them they need to feel a depth of trust in you and what you can do for them.  

Some people are naturally more confident than others but confidence is a learnt skill it is like a muscle it needs practice and work to grow.

You need confidence to lead, to sustain, and to offer the kind of straight up compassion that transforms people.” Danilee La Porte

True confidence is not a brash out ward pushy display of what you think the world wants to see but an inner quite knowing about what you have to offer and knowing when you don’t know the answer.

For me confidence has been built over my wellbeing journey it has come in slowly over time

In the early days, I had all these thoughts running in my head. I haven’t been trained long enough, I don’t want to be pushy or to salesy and the biggest one of all what if they don’t like me. (It took me a while to realize I wasn’t there to be liked by everyone.) In the end it all boiled down to a fear of not being good enough. Not great qualities for a therapist-teacher who is there to help them make changes transform their wellbeing.

To find my confidence I had to go in look at my own sense of self and practice pushing my boundaries until I felt comfortable.

So how do you find YOUR inner confidence and can you be confident from your very first client? Below are 3 tips I used to help me begin the process of developing my confidence and yes, they can be used from your very first client.

3 ways to build you confidence within your wellbeing business


1 Preparation is key- give some thought and time to how you talk to your clients before after and during their session-class. What do they need to know, have you addressed all the questions they might have?

2. Are you clear about your purpose why you decided to do what you do what are you here to achieve you need to get specific as possible If you get clear on the why it will help you find the confidence you need.

3. Lastly get over your fear of rejection not everyone is going to resonate with you or see the benefits you able to offer them. This is ok you are not here to cure the world and everyone in it just YOUR little part. Everyone comes to healing at their own time and within their own journey it is not up to you to decide when that is. Your responsibility is to step up with the best that you can do and the bet you can offer. It is up to your customer to decide what is right for them.

Confidence is a grower it comes and goes in all areas of life and as we journey along. Some areas will feel more confident than others. I have known therapists who have been practicing for over 10 years and still have areas of practice that they feel more confident than others. But they recognize there is still work to do as you grow so will the people you are able to help.

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