Are you convinced it has all been done before?

Are you convinced it has all been done before?

Are you convinced it has all been done before? That there are just too many yoga teachers too many massage therapists for you to create a successful business?

I hear this a lot and it can feel very overwhelming to be competing with other teachers and practitioners who seem to be doing well or have been doing it for years.

So how do you make it work? You bring your authenticity to what you do that genuine part of you that makes you unique.
Even if it appears you are offering the exact same service as someone else in your area you are different and those differences will resonate with different people. Your authentic self will touch the people it is supposed to.
It is not as scary as it sounds authenticity is no more complicated than showing a little of who you are.

Three ways to bring more authenticity into your wellbeing business

1. Spend some time in self reflection ~ to tap into your authenticity you will have spent time reflecting on what matters to you, what your values are doing this will opens your vision and creativity. 

2. Be transparent in your communications ~ authenticity requires you to be open in your communication never leaving your clients guessing.

3. Knowing who you are ~ you have clear values and boundaries helping your client see what you can offer them. 
What matters to you will matter to the people you are meant to be working with. I have a theory that true healing is 50% therapy and 50% the healer the more your client resonates with you the deeper the healing. Now your percentages may differ to mine but the point remains that we resonate with different people so make it easier for your clients to find you.

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