Three ways to make your business stand out in a crowd

In business you are always going to have competition, wether you are a yoga teacher, accountant or café owner.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the competition?

  • Customer Service

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am obsessed with customer service, everything from how someone answers the phone to dealing with a complaint.

Little things make a big difference and will bring customers back time and time again.

A café that offers to top up your tea cup up for nothing or remembers how you like your coffee. The hotel owner who remembers which room you had last time you stayed with them. The receptionist who takes the time to ask how you feel after your massage.

Good customer service makes us feel valued and cared for meaning we will be more likely to return and spread the word.

  • Consistency

It is not enough for your customer to have an amazing experience with you the first time they use your services, they have to experience the same level of satisfaction every time they buy from you.

There is nothing worse than having a really good meal at a restaurant then going back taking your family only to be disappointed because it was not as good as the last time. One of the reasons chains do so well is that they are consistent – as the customer we know what to expect.


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

  • Tell us why you do what you do

Most of us set up in business for a reason, for example, wanting to turn our passion or hobby into a business. Or alternatively, maybe you don’t like the way other people in your sector work so you want to do it differently.

So why are you passionate about what you do?

Maybe you trained as a massage therapist because you suffered from lots of stress and receiving massage helped you. By telling your customers a bit of your story a customer can relate it to their own situation.

By putting a little bit of yourself into your marketing you can inspire your customers to want to buy your products or services.

Making your business stand out from the competition doesn’t have to cost you money, little changes can bring lots of added value to your customers.

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