How is your business plan working out for you?

Are you a blue sky thinker? Do you love the visioning of your business? Do you love creating new ideas? Can you see new trends coming?

How about writing a business plan? I can feel your heart sink. Are you feeling slightly guilty? After all, you have read the statistics; most businesses fail in the first 5 years due to lack of planning. It’s a job that you think you should do but you can’t quite find the time or the inclination. Does planning feel overwhelming, difficult and disconnected from your emotional feelings about your business vision.

When I first started out in business the idea of writing down a plan of any description, be it a business plan or marketing strategy, felt massively overwhelming. In business I rely greatly on my intuition and heart so the idea of writing a formal plan was scary.

Although everyone kept telling me I needed a business plan I wasn’t entirely sure why I needed to do it. However, when I needed a loan from the bank to start my business I had no choice – I was not going to get a loan without one. I downloaded a template off the internet, sat and looked at it feeling massively overwhelmed. I couldn’t see how this template related to my business, I was terrified that I was going to get it wrong and if I’m honest I felt a bit embarrassed and ashamed that I didn’t really understand how to do it. It got so bad that in the end I paid someone else to write it for me. That business plan got me the loan I needed, I then put the business plan in a draw and didn’t look at it again for 5 years until my business coach asked me about it.

I was completely disconnected from the experience of writing the plan; it felt like it had no further use to me. So why did I feel so disconnected from writing a plan? I had a fear that putting my ideas on paper some how made my business more real and I would be revealed as a fraud that my business was not good enough.

How to write a business plan that you can feel emotionally connected to and will be your road map to your success.

Dare I say but now I quite enjoy the process of writing a business plan it is not overwhelming and can be done in a few hours.

Keep your business plan as simple as possible, it does not have to be a long document.

  • Your plan should represent YOUR business vision and values.
  • Look to the money – if you struggle with spread sheets get someone to help you but ensure you get them to explain the process to you (don’t disconnect from it).
  • What is the competition doing – do your research?
  • Who is my customer, how do I connect with them?
  • Action plan – goals, strategies, etc.
  • Your skills – may seem obvious, but there may be areas that you need to do some more learning.
  • Marketing plan – how are you going to get the word out about your business.

Your plan will ground your vision. It will be your path to success, it will keep you on track, highlight the areas that you are not sure about and may challenge some of your personal judgments and limitations. Most of all a plan should be something your want to reconnect with every now and again to help you along the path. Yes, things change and grow, but your overall goals and vision will stay the same.


Do you have any advice to share about business plans, please like and share in the comments below.

Thank you for sharing in advance.


P.S. You have a business dream and my job is to help you achieve them. 


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