Four marketing ideas for your wellbeing business

Marketing do you struggle with it?

You want more customers you feel as though this magical word “marketing” can make this happen for your business.

But it all feels so overwhelming, like you are missing some special ingredient and if you just knew what that was, the customers would come flooding in.

I get it but do you realise you are probably already doing some of the elements of marketing but you just don’t call it that? I bet you are advertising, you may have done a bit of planning and some work on your brand all of these are elements are part of marketing.

Countless time I hear small business owners cry “but I don’t know how to market!”

Trust me you do – you just need some help to put all the ingredients into some order. If there are gaps in your knowledge they can be filled in.

4 small business marketing ideas for your wellbeing business

  1. Build an e-mail list – Mail Chimp is a great way to do this and – here is the best bit – it won’t cost you a penny. This is a great way to stay in touch with the customers you already have. It is also a great way to talk to potential customers. You can create a newsletter, tell them about promotions, new products or services you are offering. Include interesting blogs about what you do.

  1. Network and connect– Connect with people who are strategic to your business. For example: if you are a complementary therapist talk to the PTA at your local schools, they may be running fundraisers where you could offer your services to carry out 10min taster treatments, and collect people e-mails to add to your list.

The more people who know about you the better.

  1. What is it that makes your business different– Are you a massage therapist who only uses organic massage oil or an acupuncturist who specialises in pain management?

SHOUT about this! We want to know how much you care about your product or service and we want to know how great you are at what you do. If you don’t tell us we will use another business that does.

  1. Advertise– When you have worked out who your customers are and what it is they are interested in, then try out some Facebook adverts to see what works. If it doesn’t get the result you want the first time, try a different advert. Keep going until you get YOUR message right. Facebook is a very inexpensive way to test out your strategy.

Marketing is not an independent activity in your business it is about meeting the want’s and needs of your customers it needs to be interwoven throughout your whole business everything from your core values and pricing to your advertising.

Your customers are out there and they want to hear from you. Create a plan, tell them about YOU. The aim of marketing is to know who your customer is what it is that they need and want from you.

Thank you for reading  

Now it is over to you.

Have you used any of these 4 marketing ideas successfully, If so, which one?

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