Creating trust in your wellbeing business


In business we buy from people we trust and like.

Now I am sure you are a trustworthy person and very likeable but are your customers seeing this? Creating trust in your wellbeing business does not have to cost you money it just requires you to think about the language you are using and the way you interact with your customers.

Now let me be very clear I am not talking about creating fake and meaningless phrases that you trot out every time you have a new customer.

We have all heard those awful phrases spouted by a shop assistant or the customers sales person on the end of the phone they are said with no feeling or intent it is just something they have been told to say and they have little or no interest in hearing your reply we know this they know this and all it really does is irritate us.

To create trust with your customers ensure you are genuinely engaged and interested in your customers after all you probably set up in business in the first place to solve a problem that makes someones life better or provide a product they can enjoy and brings happiness to them.

As a wellbieng business  you are at a big advantage you can genuinely engage with your customer’s really take the time to LISTEN.

We all want to be heard by someone who is genuinely listening to us.

When my massage therapist remembers what I told her from my last session I feel heard, I feel a genuine connection this makes me want to go back to the same therapist. 

So I leave you with the question. How can I make my customers feel heard?

If you want to be listened to, you should put in time listening : Marge Piercy


Have you used either of these steps? If so, which one?


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