What is a business coach and what can they do for me?

Business Coaching is a two-way partnership

Personally I have always used business coaches throughout my career, both for inspiration and motivation, and to help with planning and holding myself accountable to my own business plans. All three of the business coaches I have used over the years have been invaluable to me at different times during my business journey.

For me a business coaching relationship is essentially a two-way partnership. As a coach my role is to actively listen and to ask sometimes challenging questions to allow you the business owner get to the heart of the problem. Often when we are experiencing issues within our business it is easy to become overwhelmed and, to use a cliché, “not be able to see the wood for the trees”. Once we have clarity around the issue we are able to work through all the possible solutions and outcomes.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “do you have experience in my business sector?” (Not an unreasonable question I think.) I have coached everyone from a plumber to a yoga teacher; essentially the skills required to run a business are very similar across all sectors. So no, it is not necessary to have an in depth knowledge of a client’s business sector, although I do find it helpful to view a business from the outside as a customer would see it.

In my experience business coaching can have a profound effect on a business’s success in a variety of ways.

Increasing business skills.

Better focus: It is all too easy to become overwhelmed and distracted as a business owner, a coach can help to give clarity.

Goal setting: A coach can help a business owner set really clear goals for themselves, helping to define exactly what it is they want to achieve. This will aid the owner to be more strategic in their way of working,

Accountability: For a small business owner it can be really helpful to have a coach to hold you accountable to working towards your vision and purpose.

Creative solutions: A business coach can encourage creative ways of thinking.

Advocate: As a business coach I always have the success of the owner at the heart of their coaching. (This is one of the great joys of my role).

All of these things should lead to increased profitability and an owner who is more organised and adaptable to deal with the changing circumstances of their business as it grows.

Owning your small business should light you up, should bring you joy and help you to fulfil your vision. This is not to say it is not hard work and there are many challenges along the business journey. However, with the right support is possible to create a business that serves your customers whilst also serving your own needs and desires.

We can do amazing things together.

Helen Pinnock-Business Coaching offer a full range of services for women who run a business.

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  • Clarity of vision and purpose
  • Business planning
  • Helping you channel the energy created by the passion you have for your business
  • Believe in yourself, your business, learn to trust your instincts and work with your flow
  • Keeping motivated and on track
  • Create a sustainable and profitable business in line with your values

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