5 ways to improve your business confidence

How to be in your wellbeing business when you are just not feeling it.

We all have days when we feel fear and self doubt, when it feels as though you have no creativity for your business. We doubt the decisions we are making, we feel that other people are making more progress than us.

Recently I have noticed that people assume the more successful a person is that they must not feel doubts or fear. Put quite simply, this is not true. You only have to listen to interviews with actors, musicians and successful entrepreneurs to realise they also face fear and self doubt. Fear and self doubt is a very human experience to feel.

“I am always looking over my shoulder wondering if I measure up.” Meryl Streep

So what do we do when we experience fear and self doubt and we own our own business or we are self employed?

Instead of trying to run from the fear (trust me that won’t work) you can take care of it. Ok, that sounds a bit strange I know, but give it a go.

In the past I have let my self doubt and fear paralyse me into doing nothing at all – not a great place to be if you have to be in your own business. When this has happened I can feel stuck, lack creativity and experience negative thoughts of not being good enough to run my own business. Negative thoughts can run over and over in my head.

“Who do you think you are, what makes you think you are good enough, experienced enough and have enough qualifications to do this.”

I am willing to bet some of this sounds familiar.

If these thoughts start to arise I do a number of things.

  • I try to have compassion with myself for feeling self doubt or fear and try to remember fear and self doubt is something that we all feel.

  • If I start to compare myself with other wellbeing business owners. I remember we are all unique, we all have unique gifts to bring to the world and they deserve to be heard though our business. We can all rise together.

  • I ask the question. Am I am pushing to hard? I can be very impatient with new ideas, wanting them to manifest before they are ready to do so. At these points I do some grounding exercises to bring me back into the here and now.

  • I connect with people who will support me – be that friends, business coaches or family.

  • Lastly and perhaps most importantly, I ask of myself “Do I need to take a break, to move away from what I am doing for a while?”. Usually for me that means stepping away from my computer and going for a walk.

Being in business is a roller coaster ride of emotions; there are times when we will be required to be in full on creative mode, so it stands to reason that there are times when we need to take a break and stop or do something else for a while.

Fear and self doubt will never go away. As time goes on we learn to work with it in a more productive way, so it doesn’t paralyse us into doing nothing within our business. By feeling into our fear we can find our business edge, the place of our growth, the time before we strive for something great such as an expansion in our business or a step towards our vision.

Now it is over to you.

Have you used any of these tips? If so, which one?

If you have found a way to deal with self doubt in business, please share in the comments below it may help someone who is struggling.

Thank you for sharing in advance.