International Women's Day 2016

This year, I have been giving a lot of thought about what this International Women’s Day means to me as I launch a new business venture. A business venture concentrating on working with women to help them step into their power and run successful businesses inline with their own values and passion.

I do feel that the business world is changing. It feels as though women are beginning to make strides into the business world in ways they didn’t before. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than aware that there are still big problems to overcome and in many areas of the world women’s rights are getting worse not better.

However, in my little corner of the small business world my experiences have definitely changed. Fourteen years ago when I started my first business I often felt as though I had to compete with the way that men were doing business. Business Networking’s were dominated by a dying breed of men that still thought it was ok to make sexist jokes. As a small business woman I was often considered bossy or aggressive; mentioning my children, and how my husband and I were working around them, still felt as though it was off limits.

I look back at pictures of myself from this time. I was struggling to get the balance between my feminine and masculine energy. My feminine energy was great at the giving and serving side of my business, after all I have a mission and passion to bring wellbeing to a wider audience. However, when it came to feeling as though I had a right to earn a living from all this giving, I kept running up against myself. It was somehow not the done thing to earn a good living from helping people.

My lack of confidence around business at that time was not helped by what felt like a lack of female business owners for me to gather inspiration from. Today there are many women’s networking groups and it feels as though women entrepreneurs are beginning to find their own way of working, of being the boss, managing employees and setting up business that are in line with their passions and family lives.

These are exciting times as we begin to balance our masculine and feminine sides and celebrate our passions.

These days I gather inspiration from those female entrepreneurs around me. I am inspired by their desire to bring their passions and knowledge to a wider audience, to create a business that works along side their family lives. In my experience many women still struggle with the money side of business, but things are changing. As women we are competing less against men and beginning to discover our own unique way of doing business.

Helen Pinnock-Business Coaching offer a full range of services for women who run a business.

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