Do you have sellers guilt?

Do you have sellers guilt - Wellbeing business school

So let’s talk about the money.

As you read that first line I can feel I have your interest! Money and the acquiring of money in your wellbeing business throws up all sorts of feelings. It is hard enough when we have to deal with our own judgments around money but throw in a little judgment from other people and we can be really thrown into turmoil.

Money judgments can be big varied and hard. For many people who work in wellbeing the transition from paid employment to self-employment can throw up big questions around the money. For many the move to self-employment will involve creating a business that is in line with their own personal values, passions and desires.

Then all of a sudden they get hit with the big money statements: ‘But I trained in such and such because I had a passion to help people surely, I should give away my services or it feels just a little bit wrong to charge so much for this for this service or product.’

It is not unusual to hear from the people I work with make statements like:

‘I don’t need much I just need enough to get by’ or ‘I don’t have expensive tastes.’

As they are making these statements I am aware that they are in danger of putting a limitation on what they are capable of, the number of people they will be able to serve and potentially the number of employees they will be able to have in the future.

 So how do we begin to work with the money?

 Let’s start by asking ourselves some questions.

  1. Here is something I want you to think about: If you don’t value the wellbeing service or product that you are offering, how can other people value what you are offering?

  2. Will you be able to share your talent’s and gifts with those people who want and need your services if you are unable to financially take care of yourself and your family?

  3. Ask yourself is it really about the money or is it the fear of not being able to achieve your full potential?

  4. You want to give back to the community. Brilliant, but this requires the right kind of energy. If you have big dreams about how you would like to do this? By keeping yourself small and not rewarding yourself financially, you will not have the finances or the energy to give back in a big way. Now, this does not mean that you have to wait to give back, start small! Give away a gift voucher for a charity, or offer your time instead.

So as Danielle La Porte says:

Make money a CENTRAL priority. This has nothing to do with greed and consumption, and everything to do with life force and power. In their right place, priorities do not consume, they enhance. This isn’t about fixating on money or hinging your self-worth on your hedge fund. IT’S ABOUT FOCUSING ON CREATING FREEDOM.

Working with any money judgments is something that takes time. In my experience of this there are layers to work with. This blog is just the first of many around the money as we work towards creating our flow that creates true abundance for ourselves, employees and customers.

Thank you for sharing in advance.


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