Learn to be a leader for your holistic business

Learn to be a leader for your holistic business : Helen Pinnock

10 business  lessons I have learned owning a holistic business

Owning your own business means you are a leader, you are here to inspire and guide your customers and your staff to do amazing things.

Can you learn to become a leader?


When I first started in business I had big dreams but I was terrified of being a leader. I felt as though people would think my ideas were stupid, that people wouldn’t like me. After all, who was I to change the way my industry worked. I very quickly learned that I needed to find my voice, express my ideas and learn to lead otherwise; my dreams were not going to be successful.

Here is what I learned

1. Being a leader for me is a learned skill which requires you to be constantly curious – learning through observation and taking the time to reflect on how you can do things better or differently.

2. Your business is your vision. It is your responsibility to communicate your vision to your staff and customers. (Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they can read your mind)

3I am a big believer in trusting your gut instinct, heart whatever you want to call it. Truly listening to your heart will guide you on the path you need to be on right now. A vital part of that process is to ground your instincts through research, marketing etc. This act will help bring your ideas into the world.

4. For me leadership is speaking your truth – what is important to you, your values and beliefs. Beliefs and values change and grow over the years so it is important to be open to the flow of this.

5. You set the tone and culture of your organisation. If you want to create a happy calm place to work you need to behave in a way that reflects this. Empower any managers you may have to set the tone and culture you want.

6. Leadership is about facilitating others to rise to their full potential to be of full service to your organisation employees and customers.

7. Be easy on yourself – if you make a mistake, if you don’t handle something as well as you could have, if a decision you made went a different direction than you intended… You are only human and it was the decision that you needed to make at that moment. Every decision is an opportunity to grow.

8. If problems arise deal with them as soon as possible. No one likes to deal with confrontation, however by dealing with a situation you should be able to complete any issues which allows everyone to move forward.

9. In business ideas, processes, technology, people’s expectations and the competition change and grow the longer you are in business. It is important to be able to adapt to changes and grow when they arise.

10. Trust– once you have put all that is needed in place in your business. When you have put in all the organisational processes, then you can stand back and trust that you have made good decisions and hired good people.

“Don’t be intimated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else” Sara Blakely. Founder of Spanx

I love this quote; I think it is relevant to many women in business. We can become unstuck by a false belief that we have to know everything before we can step into a role.

The above list is by no means a complete run-down of all that I have learned, in fact, I continue to learn on a daily basis! It is however a useful exercise for small business owners to reflect on.

Thank you for reading.

Now it is over to you.

Have you used either of these steps? If so, which one?

If you have an amazing way to tap into your innate wisdom, please share in the comments below.

Thank you for sharing in advance.