Why it is important to review your business year?

Your business year in review

As we near the end of the year I think it is important to reflect what the year has held for us business-wise. For sure 2016 has been a big year in many ways, old patterns are being bought to the surface for healing and changing.

I am inspired to write this blog by a post I saw on Facebook. A business owner was given a beautiful bunch of flowers by her husband because she had achieved all her business goals this year. It has stayed with me as such a lovely and inspiring story. 

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So, bearing this in mind have you met your goals and what have you learnt along the way?

Personally, it has been a massive business year with big changes and big lessons.

I am ending the year having achieved what I intended.

To create more freedom for myself to have the space to move into a new business.

The result may have been achieved but the journey was unexpected.

As the year began I believed to create my freedom involved letting go of one business to allow me the freedom to start another. It turns out this was not the case and the universe had other plans it just took me a while to hear them.

As a result I did not sell the business, although I got along way into the process before I realised the mistake.

The process of selling was breaking my heart – if this was freedom it sucked. So, I re-thought and here is what I learnt. 

Freedom was not to let go but to trust that I could run more than one business with the support of my amazing staff.

What did I learn from this? It’s ok to change your mind to pull back if you feel you are going down the wrong path.  Although I didn’t sell I did clear out the old the stagnant energy to make room for the new.

Freedom for me was to empower my manager to step into her new role.

So, with my created freedom came the second big event of the year committing to my coaching business taking the time to form the process. To create the business and life that worked for me. It has taken some time but, boy, I am loving the process. 

 Now it’s your turn take the time to sit and reflect before we join all the Christmas madness and New Year goals.

  1. What have you achieved this year?
  2. What didn’t work out the way you intended?
  3. What have you learned?

“We do not learn from experience…………….we learn from reflecting on our experience” John Dewy

Now I am ready to dream, plan and set the goals for 2017 here I come Daniele la Porte I am ready for my goals with soul what does 2017 hold. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be about growth.

Let’s remember to celebrate the year 2016 – all of it the success and the lessons learned. Whether that is a massive party, a glass of wine or a bunch of flowers here is to YOU with love. x

I hope reading this blog has inspired and helped you with your business in some way. 

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I look forward to connecting with you.