Do you crave more freedom in your working day?

Planning can be a struggle for those of us who are self-employed or own our own business. But why?

After all it should just be a matter of writing a list of what needs doing through out the day and then ploughing through it.

If only it was that simple, I here you say. I can hear the excuses the procrastination flying though the internet as I type this. Trust me I get the struggle now more than ever.

For the past 20 odd years I have owned business’s I have largely worked to an unconscious rhythm largely because I have been doing it for so long this was partly made possible by having a physical place of work which meant I had a place of work that wasn’t my house to go to. Having employees also helped as I had to be planned and organised for them.

However, putting in a full time manager at the Wellbeing Clinic means I am free to work on my coaching business and not go into the office to work.

This has seen me have to adjust to a new way of working again I have no problem with motivation I was however realising some old limiting blocks were arising.   

So what have been the challenges and solutions to planning my working day:

Personally I don’t like the idea of having to sit at a desk for to long. I like to have the freedom to move from my desk to the kitchen table to the coffee shop.

What can I say it works for me.

In the beginning I didn’t allocate specific day’s and times for my coaching clients the result being what should have been taking an hour was in fact using up three hours including travel this also meant that it took me a long while to refocus on other areas of work.

The solution has been to allocate 2 days a week for coaching appointments.  

Social media is a great tool for procrastination and allows you the option to kid yourself that you are busy. I now allocate myself time slots to work on my social media. 

I was spending way too much time on certain tasks thinking I had to complete them all in one go i.e. research, writing, social media. This was killing my creativity, productivity and enjoyment this had to change and quick. After some thought I have found that I am the most productive working in 15min and 30min slots so at the beginning of each day I make a list of what needs doing allocating time slots to them I then stop when the time slot finishes.

Working this way means I am able to flow throughout the day and I love it.

I need a routine to start the day as my husband also works from home he and I go out for coffee every morning in our local coffee shop we both enjoy the coffee and the time together. 

“Freedom is not the absence of commitments but the ability to choose-and commit myself to-what is best for me”. Paulo Coelho

Plan for unplanned time personally I hate the idea of my day being to structured if allowed to get out of control in my head it can send me into a tail spin. Unstructured time allows me the luxury of doing what ever I want staring into space going for a walk even working.

So if planning your working day is a struggle for you I encourage you and my clients to give it some serious thought don’t fall into the trap of appearing busy. Is it possible to run a business without running yourself into the ground absolutely in the end it is up to you a little bit of planning that works with your own flow will create the freedom you desire and make your business journey more productive and enjoyable. 

There are many different ways to plan your working day with beautiful planners, organisers and work books. Don’t be tempted by pretty colours really look at them and ask the question is this going to work for me. 

I hope reading this blog has inspired and helped you with your business in some way. 

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I look forward to connecting with you.