How to deal with that demanding customer.

Dealing with a demanding customer.

If you are in business, the odds are you have experienced a demanding client, a client that just the very thought of  leaves you feeling exhausted and drained.

I bet you can think of a least one of these customers in your own business no matter what you do it is never enough they are never happy.

Are you..

  • over giving with your time and energy,
  • not charging for extra bits of work over and above the original agreement,
  • scared to ask for the overdue payment,
  • giving discounts and refunds that are not in your terms and conditions,
  • answering phone calls and e-mails at all times of the night and day.

I bet you are doing all of this for fear of losing the client’s business or in case they give you a bad review.

The solution boundaries……

Demanding clients are an opportunity to look at our business boundaries. Boundaries are vital for our success, wellbeing and job satisfaction. After all who wants the extra stress:

  • clear terms and conditions (and stick to them),
  • charge for extra work or products,
  • if a customer wants an unreasonable discount or refund, don’t be afraid to say no,
  • set times that you respond to phone calls and e-mails,
  • ask for the overdue payment.

Does all of this sound a little scary? After all there is a chance the client might walk away. Trust me when I say it is ok to let go of a client that is not quite right for you – recommend someone else who can serve them better.

Letting a customer go frees up your time and energy to concentrate on getting new business that suits you better.

Take the time to reflect how you like to be treated in the above situations.

Ask the question?

Do you have healthy boundaries? The confidence to politely let people around you know they need to respect your rules.

Good boundaries create happy customers they feel safe with you and and your business.

Now, before you go beating yourself up around this, business is a learning curve; a learnt skill. However, it is something you have to learn otherwise you will keep attracting customers that are not right for YOU. Which means you are not serving the people you are meant to be, which leads to exhaustion and dissatisfaction. The energy in the business will be out of balance causing the customers you intended to serve to be confused and unsure of you.

I hope reading this blog has inspired and helped you with your business in some way. 

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