What a climb up a mountain taught me about my limiting beliefs and goal setting

What a climb up a mountain taught me about my limiting beliefs and goal setting


It is a beautiful day in the lake district we are about to set off walking up a mountain I am not going to lie I was a little intimidated when my husband pointed it out the path we were taking it looked very steep. Although in my experience, it is best not to over think these things. So, off we go straight up and up and up again it was steep very steep I was motivated to keep going for the stunning views. There were parts of that climb where I was very slow; I was even driven to eating a chocolate biscuit. You might laugh but I don’t as a rule eat sugar so a chocolate biscuit was quite a big deal for me .  (Whatever it took to get to the top)

Are you seen and heard? Self-employment can be lonely

We need to make sure all our clients feel seen and heard! This is one of my favourite mantras I spout it all the time at the Wellbeing Clinic. For all of us who work in the world of wellbeing whether you are a holistic therapist or a yoga teacher a large part of your work is making sure your clients feel seen and heard.

How do you do this?  You listen! A deep healing occurs when a person feels listened to I am talking about in the moment – fully present – intentional listening.

5 tips to help you fill your wellbeing event.

Do you go into overwhelm at the idea of filling your upcoming wellbeing event? Finding a group of people for a single event can be daunting especially if you have no e-mail list or a very small group of people on your Facebook page.

1.     It helps to think of your potential clients as individuals not on-mass as a large group.

2.     Do, an ideal client exercise for your event.

3.     What is the best way to get your event noticed by your ideal clients? Leaflets – social media – networking – webinar.